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You should have heard by now from the news and at twitter about what happened in my country… 

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Actress Quvenzhane Wallis, mother Qulyndreia Wallis and sister Qunyquekya Wallis 2013 Film Independent Spirit Awards at Santa Monica Beach

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Women’s interest news site, Jezebel, published a story yesterday on the possibly inadvertent, though mostly implicitly racist decision by candy manufacturer Dig N’ Dips to use Disney’s first black princess on their watermelon-flavored dip stick sugar packets. Most of us know - or should know - that there has been a history of associating African-Americans with a love of watermelon. And to elaborate, Jezebel linked readers to the original posting on the blog-site, Sociological Images, where the author touches on the “strategic usefulness” of such imagery in the past and how it was used to justify the happiness of slaves.

What’s even better, though, is that the powdered candy - which is meant to be dipped and mixed and then incite a diabetic coma - comes attached with a Vanilla-flavored repository of confectionary stereotyping endorsed by none other than Sleeping Beauty! (Honestly, who the hell would want to mix watermelon and vanilla? Forget the inferential racism, can we indict Disney for sheer lack of gustatory sensibility?)

Anyway, what led me to post about this story was that the comments section was riddled with responses by some readers, both American and foreign-born, who didn’t really know much about this “silly watermelon and fried chicken racist imagery” but  did know that “it was delicious and something that everybody ate!”


Ignoring the fact that such symbology, which has been used in part to lampoon African-Americans as simpletons, is actually racist and not just some crazy thing of the past that surely has no present and persisting implications because, well, food can’t be racist if I eat it too, is NOT an acceptable way to acknowledge the issue. 

This reminds me of the Obama Fried Chicken incident in China last October. Some of my friends, a few who were international students and one who’s from Beijing, argued that the caricature of President Obama on a chicken restaurant was decidedly not racist and that it was merely coincidental even despite the fact that the actual KFC has used an Obama lookalike in Chinese (actually, Hong Kong) commercials in the past. But of course, you know, Asia and definitely not China certainly has never had a problem with racism or blacks… 

I’m sure a lot of the commenters didn’t even take the time to look at the redirected  links to the Sociological Images site before posting a response, and if they did and still uttered such senseless poppycock, then - as rapper T.I. famously says in the “Live Your Life” anthem featuring Rihanna- “I pray for patience, but they make me want to melt their face away.”

(But actually…I don’t advocate gun use or violence, #justsayin’).

Nonetheless, for those that want a little bit of edification, take a look at the real reason why such symbology is hurtful and why Disney could have exercised a bit more prudence in this situation:

Watermelon: Symbolizing the Supposed Simplicity of Slaves (Sociological Images)

I think this is an interesting example of the way in which supposedly random stereotypes have strategic beginnings.  The association of Black people with a love of watermelon isn’t just a neutral stereotype, nor one that emerged because there is a “kernel of truth” (as people love to say about stereotypes).  Instead, it was a deliberate tool with which to misportray African Americans and justify slavery.

Now let’s petition for watermelon and vanilla to never be considered as an appropriate flavor combination. I might even be more offended by that.




The Real Housewives of Disney

not feeling what they did to jasmine in this shit.

like really? she sleeps with an animal and is completely broke?



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Not Your Average Black Woman: Men's rights, AKA why my gender ruins everything


See, men, here’s the thing you don’t get: You’re not entitled to *shit*. Not a fuckin’ thing. You’re not entitled to a girl’s body, attention, time, you-name-it. She doesn’t appreciate your hitting on her and *dares* to say so? Yep, she can do that, and if your first reaction is…

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Living life in peace: ingodtisswetrust: I came across this gem on facebook today:“I...


I came across this gem on facebook today:

I understand that there are 27 million slaves in the world today, but do you understand that EVERY DAY, roughly 115,000 unborn human beings are being killed by abortion? Speak up for ALL the voiceless.”

If you’re someone who…

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